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A Passion for Events

Finch & Willow Events was born in 2023 out of a desire to help our community bring their dream events to life while also supporting environmental causes we are passionate about.  Every time you partner with Finch & Willow for your events, a portion of the proceeds are donated towards wildlife and nature preservation and conservation in the state of Florida.  

A finch represents movement and ascent, as well as freedom, achievement, and life's invigorating breath, while a willow stands for survival and rebirth.  Finch and Willow is here to help celebrate your achievements, milestones, and new adventures by helping you beautify your space and advising you along the way to make your event journey as easy as possible!


Meet the people making your event sparkle!



Ruthie was a stay-at-home mom to 4 for 10 years when she re-entered the workforce 5 years ago. Since then, she’s put her skills as a SAHM to work in ways that will make money (since we all know those kids won’t pay)! You may have worked with her during her time at The Bearded Chef, which is how she and Gwen met. Her full time job at a B&B keeps the lights on, but you may also see her around working on food trucks as well! She loves trying new restaurants and is a lover of all (gluten free) food. In her free time, she loves concerts and naps on the beach. She is in the process of becoming certified as an event planner, and is stoked to help you plan the event or wedding of your dreams! 

Green and Cream Flat Modern Carnival  Flyer-3.png



Gwen is a Jackie of all trades and has had a bit of experience everywhere, including at the Georgia Aquarium (which is where she met Logan) as Supervisor of the Costume Department for the Dolphin Show (for the humans, not the dolphins), to owning a crepe shop in downtown Atlanta, as well as working at a preschool for a while.  Her  years spent as Event and Fundraising Coordinator at nearby Field Manor have helped round out her experiences, and with all her powers combined, Gwen is ready to problem solve, design, advise and help create the wedding or event of your dreams.  She holds a BFA in Production Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and yes, she did work for Paula Dean in college, and yes, it is 100% true that Paula loves butter.

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